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Is your relationship getting a little “ho-hum”? Has your relationship “lost that lovin’ feeling?” I have Been there.

Are you still looking for “Mr./Mrs. Right” ? Feeling frustrated because you keep meeting the same kind of people, or no one at all? This was me, for about 20 years!!

Are you repeating the same dating mistakes over and over? Do you keep getting ghosted and you don’t know why?
I was the QUEEN of this…..

Wondering what to do on a first date? Or how to ask someone out? Feeling awkward AF and not sure how to turn that around?
Me. For most of my life:) I have been here, I promise!

Want to know how to handle touchy situations in a new (or established) relationship?
Done this. Learned the hard way.

Want to know if you are ready for marriage? Want to know if your partner is ready for a deeper commitment? …

I can help! my name is Brook Pittman, and I am your love life guide! I am here to give dating and relationship advice of all kinds!

From great tips and helpful hints in my blog posts, to answering viewer questions every week on my YouTube Show, The Bottom Line, with Brook; I am finding new ways to help you all the time.

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